Jul 01 2015

The labor gymnastics is extremely important to prevent backaches.

It is very common to have mild back pain, stiff neck and sore legs if we find much time sitting in the office at the computer. Staying too long in one position abuses of certain muscle areas and leaves others inactive. So there are parts that suffer more than others.

From Ph Quirogel want to give you some recommendations for preventing such inconvenience and that no bill will pass after the workday.

The first and most important thing is getting out of the chair at least every three hours and moving a little legs and joints. As you sit in the chair exercises you can practice these simple connected for 5 minutes before and after work.

Exercise 1: Back

To do this exercise requires you are sitting in your chair with your legs at an angle of ninety degrees. Stretch your arms up clasping palms to fully stretch your back. Rest two minutes and repeat the movement 4 or 5 times. Then, incline your arms to the left and then to the right. Rest a few minutes and repeat the movement.


Exercise 2: Neck

Sitting on the chair, first turn your head slowly to the right and then turn it to the left. Relax.  Bend your head forward, reaching your chin toward your chest and hold for 5 seconds. Then, tilt your head back so that your chin is pointing toward the ceiling and back to the starting position. Repeat it 10 times.

After, guide right ear towards right shoulder with right hand. Stop when you fell a stretch on left side of neck. Return at initial position. Repeat on the other side.


Exercise 3: arms

Sitting on the chair draw circles in the air with the arms. Repeat it 3 times. Start with one arm, then with other arm and finally with both at the same time.

Now, with the arms on the top, draw circles by itself, first on the right and then on the left. Leave fall down your arms and relax.


Exercise 4: Legs

Sit in your chair with both feet on the ground. Leg lifts and stretches as far as you can in the air for 2 minutes. Lower your leg to the floor and rest. Each leg repeated 5 to 10 times.

Then, stretch your leg and make circles in the air. First, on the right and then on the left. Relax and make the same with the other leg. Repeat this exercise several times.